aboutaveFounded in 1985 by herbalist Deb Soule, Avena Botanicals is known for the high-quality medicinal remedies and body-care products created directly on the farm by a small staff of people who love plants. We use certified biodynamic, organic, and wild-harvested herbs in our tinctures, non-alcohol glycerites, elixirs, infused oils, salves, crèmes, and herbal teas. Over 70% of the herbs used in Avena’s products are gathered by hand from our certified biodynamic gardens and from nearby islands and meadows. What we cannot grow we purchase from other certified biodynamic and organic farms.

We are artisans and healers, working with our hands in similar ways that herbalists around the world have done for centuries. We are committed to creating the best traditionally crafted herbal remedies possible. This means knowing exactly when each herb we harvest is at its peak, then thoughtfully preparing our products by hand following time-tested recipes. For more information about our herbal remedies and biodynamic farm visit: www.avenabotanicals.com